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Are you looking for a high-quality pocket knife with a beautiful appearance? Then choose Marbles knives. Because these pocket knives are of good quality, you will enjoy them for years to come. Moreover, the knives of this brand can be used for countless purposes. Partly due to the sharpness of the knives, you can effortlessly cut through different materials.

If you are convinced and want to buy a knife from this brand, you are there Knifestore at the right place. You will find a large number in our range Marbles knives at. Do you order a knife from this brand from us? Then you will have this quickly at home. We have the knives from Marbles almost always in stock. This allows us to send it immediately after you have placed an order. Read more..

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That's how arose Marbles knives

Marbles knives have been a household name all over the world for years. The basis for the pocket knives of this brand was laid by Webster L. Marble. He came to Michigan's Upper Peninsula around 1890 and quickly established himself as one of the best timer cruisers in the region. Marble was extremely good at predicting the yield of the wood in a forest plot, making it popular with logging companies in the area.

Marble was a great lover of nature. He enjoyed the great outdoors in the vast nature of the American state. He regularly went out to hunt, fish or camp. Spending a lot of time in nature, he was constantly developing useful equipment and tools. For example, he developed various knives to make outdoor life easier. The knives he developed are now also known as Marbles knives.

Marbles knives in all shapes and sizes

As you could already see in our range, there is not just one knife from the Marble brand for sale Knifestore† No, we offer several Marbles knives at. The majority of our offer consists of Marbles knives with multiple blades. In our webshop you will find pocket knives with two, three or even four knives. Are you looking for a single pocket knife? Even then you are there Knifestore at the right place. Are you looking for a pocket knife that you can use for different purposes? Then choose one multitool from Marble. In addition to knives, these tools include tools that can come in handy in a variety of situations.

In addition to the composition, our Marbles knives also in terms of handle from each other. For example, our knives are available with handles in different colors. It does not stop here, as various materials are used to produce the handles. So offers Knifestore Marbles knives with a handle made of micarta, but also made of bone or stag bone (deer bone).

The biggest benefits of Marbles measure

A Marbles You only buy a knife when you are convinced of its quality. Still in doubt? Then you are certainly looking for additional information about the pocket knives, so that you can make a well-considered choice. To dispel your last doubts, we list the biggest benefits of this here Marbles knives at a glance:

  • There are countless different Marbles knives for sale. You can choose from models with one, two, three or four knives, but also for multitools. In addition, the handles differ in color and material;
  • The knives are of high quality. For the production of the handle, materials such as deer bone and bone are used, for example. The knives themselves are made of stainless steel or D2;
  • Marbles knives are compact and light and therefore easy to carry. Because of the size you can easily put knives from this brand in your jacket or trouser pocket, for example;
  • They have good value for money. When you for Marbles knives you do not have to buy a new pocket knife in the coming years.

Buy your Marbles knives Knifestore

Have you found a Marble knife in our range that you like and are you ordering it? Then you will have it at home in no time. Because we have these knives in stock, we ship them as soon as possible after we have received your order. We ship our products well packaged and quickly to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and the rest of Europe! In short: everyone has come to the right place for knives from Marbles.