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Knifestore is a shop for and by enthusiasts of high-quality pocket knives, multi-tools and flashlights. We deliver throughout Europe!

Being able to run a knife shop and be able to spend all day with pocket knives, multi-tools and flashlights, talk about it and never stop talking about it. Knifestore is a knife shop run by real enthusiasts!

With us you can buy pocket knives, multi-tools, flashlights and key rings for daily and professional use, everyday carry (EDC), for your work, collection, outdoor, survival, assistance, maritime and of course for the kitchen. High-quality products that we support ourselves.

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Buy pocket knives? We have it!

Do you want a buy pocket knife for daily use, small jobs, your collection or your profession? We can deliver it. Our knives are selected for quality and for specific use. Knives for water sports enthusiasts, emergency services, DIY companies, defense or just for at home and on the road. You buy a pocket knife of high quality and good brands such as Bastinelli Knives, Benchmade, Spyderco, Rough Ryder en Victorinox.

EDC measure

EDC stands for EveryDay Carry. A EDC pocket knife is a knife that is ideal to carry with you on a daily basis. A EDC pocket knife is a personal choice, but is usually selected on characteristics such as weight (no brick in your pocket), durability (wear-resistant, rust-resistant, sharp for a long time and easy to keep clean) and your own preference (tactical or friendly appearance). EDC has grown into an addictive hobby where you can save yourself to the maximum with a minimum of daily equipment. With us you buy knives that are very popular worldwide as EDC pocket knife.

Knives for collectors

We have specific knives and brands for the collectors among us. Knives for collectors are often too exclusive, too tactical and too expensive to carry or use just like that. For example, you buy a special one with us karambit of Bastinelli Knives, a classic American van Rough Ryder of Marbles or an exclusive Sprintrun from Spyderco. Feel free to look around in our shop. Are you looking for something special? Please let us know!

Rescue knives for rescue

Many accidents happen in traffic, on the road or on the work floor, but also closer to home. Sometimes there is no choice but to free someone from a life-threatening or plight before emergency services arrive. You buy with us rescue knives designed to break windows and cut belts, cables or clothing. The rescue knives are usually provided with a blunt point so that you cannot injure the victim in such a situation.

Give a pocket knife as a present

Just like a piece of jewelry, a pocket knife something personal. You carry something of yourself or something someone has lovingly selected for you. Something that can be of great use to you in daily life, at work or during unforeseen and even life-threatening situations. Something with a good memory. A pocket knife is an original gift for Father's Day, Mother's Day and for someone who wishes you the best.

Chef's knives, kitchen knives and knife sets

Buy an excellent one here chef's knife of knife set! Maybe you are a professional cook, a hobby cook or you are following a cooking course. Or, maybe you just enjoy having fun in the kitchen every now and then or you just cook daily for yourself or your family. In any case, you probably know better than anyone that a good chef's knife can make your work so much more enjoyable. A kitchen knife that stays sharp for a long time not only makes your work faster and more detailed, but also safer. Bee Knifestore buy chef's knives and knife sets made of durable materials, with which you can fully devote yourself to your profession, hobby or daily tasks.

Professional chef's knives can be very affordable. Our top brands such as Samura en Due Cigni Coltellerie produce high-quality products that can be offered for very reasonable prices. As a result, you can buy high-quality chef's knives and complete knife sets that you can enjoy for years to come. In addition to kitchen knives, you can also come to us for design knife blocks.

Key-Bak: Robust key rings for professional use

You can buy robust key rings for demanding applications from us. Key-Bak key fob systems are made to allow you to use your keys, access cards and tools immediately and often without losing them quickly due to wear and tear. Key-Bak is often used by security, cleaning companies, hospital personnel, greenhouses and factories. The applications are endless. Need large numbers? Please feel free to contact us.

Buy karambit knives

A karambit is a tactical knife with a blade shaped like a claw. Although it is often thought that the knife is based directly on the claw of a tiger, there is no direct evidence for this. In all likelihood, the knife is derived from a tool to work the land. For many collectors, the karambit is an indispensable part of the collection. There are even collectors who only save karambits.
With us you buy exceptionally durable and beautiful karambit of different price ranges.


For anyone who finds a pocket knife a bit 'too much', or who wants to carry an extra tool with them (EDC) the multi-tool is a fantastic solution. The multi-tool is a handy and widely usable tool that can immediately come in handy for many jobs. Buy one from us multitool of the brand Leatherman, then you know that you are getting an extremely strong and durable tool that you can enjoy for a lifetime!

The brands of our knife shop

Knife shop Bastinelli Knives en Spyderco are top brands that we warmly support. Both brands are very distinctive in the market and have their own specific and recognizable characteristics. The agreement is that both brands were created with real passion for the profession. This is reflected in the designs, materials used and areas of application. Spyderco develops pocket knives that are light and easy to handle. Bastinelli Knives, artistic and focused on tactical use or as impressive collectibles of course.

In addition to brands such as Bastinelli Knives, Spyderco, Benchmade, Buck Knives en Victorinox we also sell products from Key-Bak, Leatherman, Due Cigni Coltellerie, Samura, Olight, Fox and more.

Legal and within the law

Knifestore only sells products that are permitted under Dutch law. In addition, we see a knife as the number 1 tool, a nice must-have or collector's item and as an indispensable tool for aid workers. We distance ourselves from violence and wrong intentions.

Fast processing

If you order on working days before 14:00, your order will be processed the same day. Products normally ship quickly within 1-3 business days. With an order from 70 EURO, shipping within the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is free of charge.

In short, if you want to buy pocket knives, flashlights or chef's knives, you are at it Knifestore at the right place. We deliver to the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia , Spain, Czech Republic and Sweden.