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Anyone looking for a suitable lamp for the table will probably quickly end up with table lanterns. Many people put these lamps on the table as soon as darkness sets in. Because such a lantern emits quite a lot of light, you can sit outside for a long time. Are you curious about the possibilities with regard to table lanterns? Then take a look at the range of Knifestore. With us you will find table lanterns in all shapes and sizes.

Order a table lantern from Knifestore? Then it never takes long before you have these at home. If we receive your order on a working day before 14:00, we will process it the same day. This enables us to deliver quickly. We do this not only in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of Europe.

Where do you use a table lantern?

You don't need a table lantern at home, but such a lamp often comes in handy outside. This is especially the case on days when the weather is nice. When it's pleasant until late at night, you may want to sit outside for a long time. When darkness sets in, you may decide to go inside after all. After all, you see less and less. Thanks to a table lantern, this is no longer necessary. Table lanterns provide light in the darkness. As soon as you switch on such a lamp, you can see what you are doing even in the dark.

Because table lanterns are ideal for outdoor use, they are often used on campsites. By lighting such a lamp, you do not have to sit in your caravan or tent immediately when darkness sets in. It is not the case that table lanterns are only suitable for camping. You can also use it in your backyard. Would you like to enjoy a snack and a drink outside on a lovely summer evening? Then a table lantern is the solution. Thanks to this lamp you can sit outside until the late hours.

Advantages of table lanterns

Some people are immediately convinced by table lanterns, but this is not the case for everyone. Are you still not sure whether such a lamp is for you? Then you will undoubtedly not immediately make a purchase. You first want to know what the advantages of such a lamp are. To make it easier for you, we have listed the biggest advantages of table lanterns below.

  1. Equipped with LED lamps
    Almost all table lanterns today are equipped with LED lamps. Because these lamps consume relatively little energy, the battery is not empty in no time. LED lamps also have a long lifespan and can take a beating. A sustainable purchase!
  2. Different positions
    Anyone who thinks that all table lanterns emit the same amount of light is wrong. Most of these lamps have different positions. The big advantage of this is that you determine how much light the lamp emits. Is it twilight? Then you put the lamp in the lowest position. As darkness continues to set in, switch to one of the other modes.
  3. Not only to be used on the table
    Since we are talking about table lanterns here, many people think that you can only use such a lamp on the table. You can indeed place some lamps alone, but this does not apply to every lamp. There are also table lamps that you can hang. This means you can also use such a lamp to illuminate your tent, for example.
  4. Easy to charge
    A fourth advantage of a table lamp is that you can easily charge it. This is certainly the case if you Olight table lanterns from Knifestore chooses. You charge these table lamps using a universal, magnetic charging cable.
  5. Splash waterproof
    Because a table lantern is mainly used outdoors, it is important that it can withstand some water. Who table lanterns from Olight you don't have to worry about this. Almost all table lamps of this brand are splash-proof. This allows you to burn them even in a rain shower without any problems.

Diverse range of table lanterns

Are you convinced of the advantages of table lanterns? Then you may want to buy such a lamp yourself. In that case, you must first choose a suitable table lantern. Knifestore sells different types of table lamps. If you are looking for a large table lamp that gives off a lot of light, choose a Olight lantern. These table lanterns have a hood and you can also hang them. The lamp can also be used without a shade.

Do you find such a table lantern a bit on the large side? Then a Olight OBulb may be more for you. This compact, lightweight variant is ideal for camping, backpacking and for use in the backyard or on the balcony. Thanks to the included adhesive coin, you can also hang this table lantern. Advantage of the Olight OBulb table lantern is that you can not only change the intensity of the light, but also the color.

Buy your table lantern at Knifestore

Today, anyone wishing to buy a table lantern can turn to various parties. That is why you may be wondering why you Knifestore chooses. The first reason for this is our large range. Because we offer a large number of table lanterns, there is a suitable lamp for everyone. Moreover, the prices of our table lamps vary, so you decide how much you spend on such a lamp.

In addition to our large and diverse range, there are several reasons to buy a table lantern at Knifestore. We ensure that you receive your lamp quickly. Knifestore not only delivers quickly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but also in the rest of Europe. Do you place your order on a working day before 14:00? Then we process it the same day.