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The karambit appeals to the imagination. It is thought that this beautiful-looking type of knife originates from ancient West Sumatra. The shape is said to be based on the claw of a tiger, which incidentally still lives on the Indonesian island. The knife is probably a derivative of a tool for working the land. Hence the sickle-like, round shape of the knife.

In parts of Asia, this tool was (and is) used in planting rice harvesting. After it entered Sumatra, the handy tool found its way to neighboring countries such as Thailand, Laos and the Philippines. Then the karambit was subsequently adopted in various martial arts. Today it can be found as a training weapon in Silat and Eskrima and derivatives thereof.

What is the karambit used for?

The karambit is essentially more of a collector's item than a utensil. Of course, the razor-sharp knife comes in handy for certain jobs, but most owners purchase a karambit because of the aesthetics. Simply put, it is a beautiful object to look at. Also - or just - if it is safely behind glass. It is a beautiful knife to cherish and admire.

However, that is not to say that it serves no purpose at all. Karambits come in different versions, but this one Bastinelli picolomako is clearly designed to actually be used. This knife can serve on a survival trip. The small bottle opener on the top of the blade also reveals that this karambit also has a slightly playful character.

Is a karambit legal in the Netherlands?

All measure that are sold on Knifestore, are completely legal. When you order a knife from us, you do not have to worry that you the law transgresses. However, a distinction is made in use in the law. Not all knives can be worn at all times and in some cases there is also a regulation. This means that a knife is not permitted around certain events or events (football match, festival).

In possession of a karambit is not prohibited in the Netherlands if the knife does not have a cutting part on two sides or (when unfolded) is no longer than 27 centimeters. For hobby use at home, as a survival knife or as a collector's item, the karambit is simply allowed. However, when the knife is used as a weapon, it falls under category 4 of the Weapons and Ammunition Act. That is therefore prohibited.

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