About Us

Knifestore is a specialized webshop based in Assen in the Netherlands and was founded in 2018 by Quintijn Smith. Our focus is on selling only high-quality products and providing excellent customer service. Orders are processed quickly and accurately by a team of skilled people. Despite the growth of our company, we do not cut back on the friendly personal service that the company is known for. This keeps our customers happy and the work pleasant!

Knifestore - buy a pocket knife

From an early age I had to be pulled away from display cases in camping and dump stores, because pocket knives and flashlights had a magnetic attraction for me. One day I was old enough to convince my parents that I could handle knives responsibly. After a long time saving and many paid jobs, the time had finally come, I bought my first pocket knife. A simple pocket knife with two screwdrivers and bottle opener. Building huts, repairing bicycles, investigating, the knife was indispensable and went everywhere with me. Until one day I lost it… Since then I occasionally buy a new pocket knife. Sometimes because it is fully worn and sometimes to collect. The 'magnetism' is still there, but now I am responsible for 'the showcase' myself.

~ Quintine

The selection of Knifestore

Based on the knowledge of befriended knife makers, (tactical) specialists, professional users, enthusiasts and our own user experiences, the range of Knifestore steadily expanded and balanced. Products are selected on characteristics that have been developed for specific purposes. Think, for example, of rescue work, water sports, camping and collecting, so that the knife can come into its own.


There are, of course, countless brands on the market. The brands supported by Knifestore are selected for reliability, durability and quality. Knifestore specializes in these brands and in many cases is an official dealer.

The excellent service of Knifestore

You want to be able to order without a headache and expect someone to do their best for you so that your package is delivered to you neatly and quickly. Knifestore therefore makes a 100% effort for you:

  • Personal support via E-mail, telephone or WhatsApp
  • If in stock and ordered before 14:00 on working days, shipped the same day
  • Tracking your package
  • Orders from 70 EURO free shipping in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
  • Delivery in Europe
  • Secure payment via iDeal, Bancontact, Paypal and Credit Card
  • Returns within 30 days
  • Discount for larger numbers (in consultation)
  • Friendly and helpful employees

Be welcome as a customer of Knifestore, we are ready to help you on your way. If you have a question, you can reach us on working days via E-mail, WhatsApp and Telephone.