FOX Knives

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Fox Knives have built up a great brand awareness over the years. This makes the knives of this brand unprecedentedly popular worldwide. The knives owe their popularity mainly to the high quality. Thanks to its high quality standards Fox Cutlery, the company behind Fox Knives, even recognized as an official supplier by NATO. In addition, stand Fox knives known for their stylish appearance. Are you looking for a quality knife that also looks stylish? Then the products are from Fox definitely something for you.

Do you want Fox Knives to buy? Then you are there Knifestore at the right place. We offer a large number of knives from this brand. Because of this you will undoubtedly also succeed in finding a suitable Fox knife. Have you found a suitable knife? Don't wait too long to order. Fox Knives Orders placed with us on working days before 14:00 are processed the same day. Knifestore does not only deliver within the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, Germany, France and the rest of Europe. Read more..

History of Fox Knives

The basis for Fox Knives was laid in 1977 by Oreste Frati in the city of Maniago. The Italian founded that year Fox Cutlery on, the company behind Fox Knives. The city of Maniago is best known for the production of steel that is used, among other things, for the manufacture of knives. Like so many companies, Frati also started on a small scale. In this way he first wanted to gain some more experience in this unknown world. Although he had some experience in production and in the commercial field, manufacturing knives was new to him.

When Frati had mastered the tricks of the trade, made Fox Cutlery the step to the commercial market. This turned out to be a golden move, because from then on Fox knives are actually becoming more and more popular. The main reason for this was that Fox Cutlery the professional tradition of making knives combined with the constant desire for technological innovations. This was due to the quality and appearance Fox knives only benefit.

Because Fox Cutlery continued to innovate, it slowly but surely grew into a well-known player in the market for knives. More and more people became familiar with Fox Knives, creating more and more demand for it. This eventually resulted in that Fox Cutlery in no time grew into a leading player in the knife world. This is still the case today.

Countless Fox knives Knifestore

Are you looking for Fox Knives? Then you are there Knifestore at the right place. You will find a large number of knives from this brand in our range. A brief look at our Fox Knives soon learns that these knives differ a lot from each other in terms of appearance. So almost everyone has Fox knife a different color. For example, you can Fox buy knives with a black handle, but also with a colored handle. The color of the blade can also differ. Next Fox Knives with a silver blade, we also sell knives with a black blade.

Fox Knives differ from each other not only in appearance. The Fox knives in our range also have other dimensions. In addition, not all knives of this brand are collapsible. We also sell fixed ones Fox Knives. Unlike the collapsible Fox knives you cannot store the blade of a fixed knife in the handle. To reduce the risk of injury, we deliver to the majority of the permanent Fox knives a case or protective cover. This allows you to safely store the blade.

When we look at the shape, we also see clear differences between Fox Knives. For example, the blade of almost every knife has a different shape. This means there is one suitable for everyone Fox knife. There are also clearly noticeable differences with regard to the handle. Do you want Fox Knives to buy? Then don't just look at the blade, but also at the handle. To use the knife pleasantly, it must lie comfortably in the hand.

Not just knives

Fox Cutlery is known for the production of knives. Hence, you have a great deal Fox Knives comes across in our range. Yet targets Fox Cutlery does not only focus on the production of knives. No, because in our range you will also find other products from this brand. For example, we also sell a Fox corkscrew, a Fox ax and a Fox rescue tool. In addition, you will find a number of accessories for you in our range Fox knives. For example, we also sell a case to store fixed knives and a sharpening stone for you Fox Knives to sharpen.

Benefits of Fox knives in a row

Fox Knives have built up a good reputation over the years. That is why there are few people who doubt whether this is a suitable knife. Yet it may be that you are not immediately convinced. You may want to know what the benefits of Fox Knives to be. In that respect, you've come to the right place. We have the biggest advantages below Fox knives lined up.

  • Quality knives
    For the production of Fox Knives the best materials are used. This means you are always assured of a quality knife if you have one Fox knife. Before the knives are marketed, they first undergo an extensive analysis. In addition, all Fox Knives subject to strict control. As a result, you are assured of a quality knife if you prefer Fox knives.
  • Sustainability and
    A second advantage of Fox knives is that they are durable. This is mainly because in the production of Fox Knives qualitative materials are used. The result of this is that you can go for years if you buy a knife from this brand. Fox Knives might not be the cheapest knives, but do realize that you don't have to buy a new one any time soon if you buy one Fox knife.
  • 1 year warranty after purchase
    Fox Cutlery dares to put his hands in the fire for the knives they produce. That's why they bid at all Fox Knives one year warranty from date of purchase. This applies to both the fixed and the collapsible Fox knives. This warranty covers any defect in material or workmanship if it causes the product to malfunction. Defects or broken parts caused by endless use, wear or oxidation are not covered by the warranty.

Fox Knives maintain

Because Fox Cutlery high quality materials used for manufacturing Fox Knives, the knives all have a long service life. Because of this you may think that it is not necessary to maintain the blades. Still, this is wise. Despite that each Fox blade is made of stainless steel, they are never completely rust-resistant. Always dry and clean your knife before you put it away. Do you have a collapsible Fox knife? Clean the pivot point and opening mechanism regularly.

When cleaning Fox Knives we strongly advise you not to take them apart. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who do. The consequence of this is that Fox knives may not work as well afterwards as before. Fox Knives are put together with the greatest possible precision. If you take the knife apart and then reassemble it yourself, you can attach certain parts the wrong way. This makes your Fox knife may not be the way you are used to.

Buy Fox Knives at Knifestore

Fox Knives are popular all over the world. Even within the Netherlands and the rest of Europe, the knives of this brand are flying over the counter like hot cakes. This is mainly due to the high quality of Fox knives. Because of this, you may also want one Fox buy a knife. In that respect you are up to date Knifestore at the right place.

Why you your Fox knives Knifestore buy? This has several reasons. First of all, we have a wide range Fox Knives. As a result, there is a suitable knife from this brand for everyone. Secondly, we process your order in no time. Orders placed on workdays before 14:00, we often process the same day. Because of this it never takes long before you get your Fox knife in the house.

Finally you order Fox Knives at Knifestore because of our extensive delivery options. We deliver not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and Sweden. Residents of other countries within Europe can also Fox order knives from us. In short: reason enough to Fox Knives to order from us. Do not wait any longer and order your Fox knife today.