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Are you looking for a multi-tool or pocket knife? Chances are you are one of them Leatherman encounters. This is one of the best-known brands of multi-tools and pocket knives. The knives and multi-tools of Leatherman are known for their quality and diversity. For example, there are now a lot of different products of the American brand for sale and you can get them almost anywhere in the world.

Also with Knifestore you will find countless well-known and lesser-known multi-tools and related products from Leatherman. We offer these at a competitive price. Order your one Leatherman product with us? Then we will ensure that it is delivered to your home in no time. Of course we do this in a safe and responsible manner. We ship our Leatherman products to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and the rest of Europe!

The history of Leatherman

Leatherman gets its name from the American Timothy S. Leatherman, a mechanical engineer. In 1983 he founded the Leatherman ToolGroup op. Timothy came up with the idea of ​​designing a Boy Scout knife with tangs in 1975, during a trip through Europe and the Middle East that he made with his wife. 

During his journey Leatherman frequent use of a simple pocket knife. He used this knife, among other things, to carry out repairs to his car and pipework. In his eyes it should be a lot easier. He went to work and developed a prototype based on pliers called Mr. Crunch. He continued to perfect these. Leatherman got its first patent in America in 1980, but it wasn't until 1938 that the Pocket Survival Tool (PST) - the first product of the hand of the Leatherman Tool Group - was introduced.

The introduction of Leatherman's PST turned out to be a bull's eye. In 1984, 30.000 copies were already sold. This allowed the company behind the brand to develop new products and continue to grow. And that happened. It is now a renowned brand and all kinds of pocket knives and multi-tools are used all over the world Leatherman sold.

Wide range of pocket knives and multi-tools

Leatherman mainly sells multi-tools and pocket knives. The basis of the multi-tools of this brand is formed by pliers. In addition, they consist of countless other tools, such as different types of knives, screwdrivers, saws, wire cutters and strippers, electric crimping tool, bottle opener and can opener. A multi-tool from Leatherman consists of a maximum of 21 tools.

Almost all multi-tools of the American brand are equipped with a safety mechanism. This mechanism ensures that the tool that is active is locked in the open position. Note that this only happens when it is fully expanded. Are you not looking for a multi-tool, but only for a pocket knife? Even then you are there Leatherman at the right place. A large number of knives have now also appeared from this brand.

Obviously offers Leatherman not just one pocket knife and one multi-tool. As you can already see in our range, there are countless different types of pocket knives and multi-tools from this brand. The products differ from each other. For example, one multi-tool consists of more tools than the other. In addition, both the knives and the multi-tools differ from each other in dimensions. It enes Leatherman pocket knife, for example, is heavier than the other. There are also differences in terms of dimensions. Nevertheless, you can do the most Leatherman take multi-tools and knives in your pocket without any problems.

Why Leatherman?

If you are looking for a quality multi-tool or a good knife, we recommend that you go for Leatherman to choose. Why? Because the products of this brand are known for their good quality. High-quality materials are used for its production. This not only ensures that they are pleasant to use, but also that they have a long life. The lifespan of the products is assisted Leatherman anyway highly valued. This means you do not have to worry that you will have to buy a new multi-tool or a new knife in no time when you choose this brand. Leatherman namely gives years of warranty on the pocket knives and multi-tools they produce.

Which Leatherman suits you?

Do you find it difficult to determine which Leatherman is most suitable for you? Then you may be afraid of making the wrong choice. To prevent this, we recommend that you first ask yourself what you want to use the product for. If you only want to cut through different materials with it, a Leatherman knife sufficient. Are you looking for a tool that can be of service to you in different situations? Then a multi-tool is the best choice.

As we indicated earlier in this text, the multi-tools and knives differ from Leatherman mutually from each other. This difference is partly in weight and dimensions. Do you opt for a multi-tool? Then you also have to look at the number of tools. To determine which Leatherman suits you best, we recommend that you make a comparison. Take all of the above with you and take a good look at the different materials used in the production of the multi-tool or pocket knife.

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